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All companies are Registered in England and Wales. Head Office address:

Knightrider House
Knightrider Street
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 20 7815 3500
F: +44 (0) 20 7815 3506

The encompassing name of The Charles Gee Group of Companies, The Gee Group, The Charles Gee Group, includes:

Charles Gee Group Limited
Reg. No. 07000093. VAT: GB 977 4872 51

Charles Gee & Co. Limited. including trading names of Gee Logistics and GeeSure and Charles Gee & Company
Reg. No. 6977436. VAT: GB 975 8664 50

C&H (Hauliers) Limited including trading names of Inter-Counties Transport Limited
Reg. No. 00656189. VAT: GB 507 5768 25

Inter-Counties (Anglia) Limited
Reg. No. 01518692. VAT: GB 360 3554 70

Willow Transport Limited
Reg. No. 01212004. VAT: GB 168 7707 19

Charles Gee Management Services Limited
Reg. No. 01459035. VAT: GB 564 4384 24

Inter-Counties Transport Limited
Reg. No. 01935544. VAT: Part of C&H (Hauliers) Ltd and not VAT registered itself.

Charles Gee Heathrow Limited
Reg. No. 04307242. VAT: GB 791 8749 68

Charles Gee Asia Pacific Limited including trading names of Land & Sea Logistics
Reg. No. 07007045. VAT: GB 977 4832 63

Charles Gee Fleetcare Limited
Reg. No. 07007023. VAT: GB 977 4847 50

Charles Gee Shipbroking Limited
Reg. No. 07007050. VAT: GB 978 0824 76

Charles Gee Technology Limited
Reg. No. 07007039. VAT: GB 977 4857 47

C.T. Freight (UK) Limited
Reg. No. 02755523. VAT: GB 690 7912 05

Charles Gee Bridgwater Limited
Reg. No. 07104573. VAT: GB 982 8308 83

PDF Services (Bristol) Limited
Reg. No. 7056400. VAT: GB 982 9321 91

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