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The Group’s move into project logistics spawned the need for specialist, heavy and out of gauge road transport. From this need, Charles Gee Heathrow Ltd., was born. The Heathrow location also allows the company to run express parcels and to operate as a Regulated Agent at this important location.

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From its London Heathrow Airport base and Bicester depot, Charles Gee Heathrow Ltd provides services throughout the UK and Continental Europe.

The core business is out of gauge road transport. The company operates a fleet of specialist trucks and trailers and draws on the expertise of the group company Charles Gee Fleetcare Ltd. for bespoke designs. This allows extreme flexibility in the offering to clients and sees the fleet active in disciplines including Aerospace and Defence.

Today Charles Gee Heathrow Ltd. is the Group Aerospace Logistics provider, supplying the following services:

  • Abnormal Aerospace load management through the UK & mainland Europe
  • Specialist wing / wing component transport / trailers
  • Cat 1-3 permits for Germany, France, Benelux & Spain
  • Pilot / Escort vehicles with RHA qualified Escorting Abnormal Loads Course
  • Full MSRA documentation supplied<
  • DfT regulated agent (807)
  • Security cleared staff including Level D and Management level G
  • Satellite tracked vehicles
  • Bespoke trailer design and manufacture

Charles Gee Heathrow Ltd. have a proven track record in the movement of Single Aisle Wings from port to factory to port.  Pathfinders in the only movement of these wings by road from Broughton to Hamburg and Toulouse 2010 / 2011.

Through the provision of a van fleet, the company also offers a complimentary express parcels service, which can work in tandem with its OOG contracts or as a stand alone offering. Standard, pan - European trucking is also undertaken.

The businesses location in Heathrow is valuable as Charles Gee Heathrow enjoys Regulated Agent status within the airport. This allows it to offer services in line with the strict DFT regulated airport trucking scenario.

Charles Gee Heathrow held permits include:

  • Luxembourg Category 1, Roving
  • Belgium Category 1, Roving
  • French Category 2, Roving Unescortable

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